[PHOTO: J.D. Cuban]

If you’ve been following professional golf this year, you’ve undoubtedly seen Jason Day’s pants. And talked about Jason Day’s pants. And heard all sorts of takes on Jason Day’s pants.

The takes and chatter about the 2015 PGA champion’s latest pair of slacks ramped up to another level during the first round of the Masters. For some casual fans, it’s likely the first time they’re seeing the very different attire Day is rocking this year. And, of course, it didn’t hurt that Day is in the same group as Tiger Woods with all the extra eyeballs that generates. The 36-year-old signed a partnership with Malbon, a trendy golf fashion brand that continues to push the envelope.

‘IT’S A NEW DAY’: Jason Day becomes Malbon Golf’s first PGA Tour ambassador

We’d say it’s not your grandpa’s fashion brand… but in all honesty, the slacks that Day has been wearing might look to some like they came out of your grandpa’s closet. But they’re cool because Malbon is cool. It’s just a bit controversial for sure.

We could continue with the gold but we’ll stop there. Just remember, what’s old is new again. Anyone who’s a fan of the ’90s will be happy.

Just wait until what J-Day and Malbon have in store in round two. Social media might explode.