[PHOTO: Tracy Wilcox]

Ludvig Aberg may not have won the PGA Tour’s Rookie of the Year Award, but it turns out he’s got something much better: cheap rent.

Seriously, the cost of living is tough out there! But not if you’re this rising golf star. Not only did Ludvig quickly rack up three million in earnings after graduating from college, but apparently he pays a mere $400 per month in rent. That’s right. Four HUNDRED per month.

Aberg revealed that little tidbit during this week’s Talk of the Tour podcast with Sean Martin, who was filling in for regular host John Swantek. So who is the Swede’s lenient landlord? Fellow Swede and PGA Tour winner Vincent Norrman.

“I’m paying him $400 per month, so I’ve never lived cheaper than I do now,” Aberg says during the pod that also featured Norrman, his current roommate in Tallahassee, Florida.

“I started by saying $500 and then you go, ‘How about $300?'” Aberg continues of Norrman, who played his college golf at Florida State University. “So I said, ‘OK, let’s do four.'”

They don’t teach those kinds of negotiating skills in any business school! Of course, living in Tallahassee isn’t like living in New York City, but $400 is still a heckuva deal.

And on top of that, apparently Norrman also has a gym in the garage, a great “barista” setup and makes coffee every morning. Does anyone have it better than Ludvig right now?

To be fair, it sounds like Aberg is a great tenant. He says he doesn’t smoke, doesn’t have any pets and doesn’t stay up late. During the pod we also learned that he brought a bunch of taco seasoning to Texas Tech, because, well, apparently tacos are huge in Sweden and for some reason he thought it was a delicacy in the US.

“And then I went to a grocery store and I thought, Oh, they have it on the shelf,” Aberg said.

Yep, they’ve got plenty of taco seasoning in the US. But not a lot of good, affordable housing. So keep those living costs down and keep saving up that money as long as you can, Ludvig! That’s a smart, young man right there.