Legendary comedian Katt Williams went on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast last week and made all sorts of headlines when he called out a bunch of fellow comedians. Lost in the nearly three-hour discussion with the former All-Pro tight end was the fact that Williams is an avid golfer.

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“I’ve been a golfer for quite some time,” Williams said to a stunned Sharpe. “My short game is impeccable. I can’t get you two and some change off the tee, but I’m still coming in for par guaranteed.”

Translation – Williams does not hit it very long, which is understandable given his five-foot-five frame and the fact he’s 52 years old. But, as Williams said, he’s still going to be putting for par no matter what, meaning he can chip and putt with the best of ’em. 

Despite the fact Williams had just explained that he’s not a big hitter, Sharpe’s next question was “you playing from the tips? Turns out, Sharpe teed him up perfectly, no pun intended: 

Not sure there’s a more perfect explanation for not playing from the tips than “I’ve found that you don’t get anything for that.” Spot on. As someone who used to play the tips as a “challenge,” I couldn’t agree more. When you tell people what you shot, rarely do they ask “yeah, but from what tees?” unless they are an a-hole of the highest order. In fact, in reality, no one cares what you shot or where you shot it from. So you might as well move up a box or two, give yourself a few more birdie chances and have 10 times more fun. Brilliant stuff from Williams. 

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