Don’t get us wrong, Jordan Spieth has great hands…and no we’re not talking about his short game. 

But when you’re grinding on the range, trying to find your game after, let’s be honest, a down year, the health of the ‘ol digits is a secondary concern. Spieth proved as much on Friday, revealing his mangled mitts at the Pebble Beach Pro Am, showing everyone that the life of a tour pro is not all glitz, glamour, and expensive Swiss moisturisers.

Ladies and gentleman, these are what we in the industry call battle scars. If we didn’t know any better, we’d say Spieth accidentally dropped his engagement ring in the garbage disposal and then flicked the wrong light switch while trying to fish it out. But we’ve seen Spieth work and we know these are just the occupational hazards.

He may even have a claim for the ugliest fingers in sport. Aussie cricket legend Ian Healy is on notice: