Five Tips That Will Keep Your Game Sharp During the Holidays.

Want to play your best golf during your time off for Christmas and New Years? Don’t we all. To help you out during the break, try these five handy drills:

  1. Maintain alignment: The most common fault I see with amateurs is a slip in alignment, particularly their shoulders aiming left and feet pointing right. You need to aim at the target to hit it, and there is a drill you can do at home using three shafts or even alignment rods. One shaft is for the target line, the other along your feet and the third one marking your ball position. This will give you the correct starting position.
  2. Practise setting up: Work hard at placing the club in first and then your body. This will improve your alignment and ball position to produce a consistent shot shape and ball flight.
  3. Play golf on the range: Don’t just bash golf balls – go through a full routine. Start behind the ball and pick a target, address the ball and execute a full shot. Play holes in your mind – hit a driver, an iron approach, maybe a chip or pitch, and repeat.
  4. Hit punch shots: Doing this on the range will create consistent impact positions. Rory McIlroy hit a lot of these shots on the range during the British Open Championship last year for control of his trajectory, spin and shot shape.
  5. The towel drill: Next time time you’re on the practice putting green, put a small hand towel at one end of the green and have three work stations from 20, 30 and 40 feet. Hit three balls from each distance and try to get the balls to finish on the towel. The first putt is most important – three-putts generally come from a poor first putt, not the second.

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