It can be very exciting – and nerve-wracking – teeing it up on a Top 100-ranked course.

Like all courses, how tough it will play depends greatly on the weather, so make sure you take it into account on every shot. If it’s very windy you might need to allow as much as two clubs more than you normally would for the same distance to keep control of the ball. Perfect conditions will mean playing the course differently, looking at tee shots and laying up on short par 4s and some par 5s.

One difficulty of many top-ranked courses is the demands of getting the ball onto the green and having it stay there. Uphill and downhill shots to the green may require a change of ball position at address to achieve the high or low shot needed.

Take time over your club and shot selection on difficult courses, as any lack of thought will reflect in your score.

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Jason Laws Course Management 101

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• Jason Laws is the NSW PGA Teaching Professional of the Year