Jake Knapp provided one of the coolest stories of the year in golf on Sunday, winning his first PGA Tour event only two years removed from working as a bouncer. But his Sunday at the Mexico Open was rockier than the drinks that were served at the nightclub where he used to work.

And apparently, even his mom needed a few cocktails to get through it.

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After entering the final round with a four-shot lead, Knapp bogeyed two of his first three holes and quickly found himelf tied with playing partner Sami Valmimaki. And he only hit two fairways the entire round, the fewest by a PGA Tour winner in the past 40 years, according to stats guru Justin Ray.

But in the end, his even-par 71 was enough to earn that maiden victory. And it led to a touching—and hilarious—Facetime with his family watching from home. Here was the classic exchange.

Mrs. Knapp: “Holy moly. You made us sit on the edge of our seats for many hours

Jake: Yeah, Wasn’t that painful to watch or what?

Mrs. Knapp: Oh, it was easy. Maybe the three margaritas I had helped, I don’t know.

Well played, Mrs. Knapp. And we don’t blame you. Things looked like they were headed south for a while there. Also, considering it was the Mexico Open, she couldn’t have picked a more appropriate drink. When in Rome, right? Anyway, watch the entire call filmed by the PGA Tour here:

That’s the good stuff. Moments later, Jake talked to his grandma, who said, “I knew you could do it all the time.”

“Oh, you’re the best,” Jake replied. “I’m glad somebody did.”

What a moment for all involved. And after watching the 29-year-old Jake achieve something he’s been dreaming about for a couple decades on Sunday afternoon, we’re guessing a few more margaritas were enjoyed by his family on Sunday night.

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