Tour Edge

Exotics E723

What it does: The previous E722 was a cavity-back iron with a large badge in the back that took up a lot of weight but helped with sound damping. The E723 attempts to keep the pleasing acoustics but save weight. It does this with a one-piece casting that’s injected with a thermoplastic urethane in the lower portion of the face, saving eight to nine grams (the previous badge was 15 or 16 grams depending on the club). A toe-weighting pocket moves mass to that area to provide more stability and maintain more ball speed where less-skilled players often strike their irons. The stronger lofts (the pitching wedge checks in at 42 degrees) help with distance.

Why we like it: Who doesn’t like diamonds? A revised variable-thickness face features 103 diamond shapes in three thicknesses. These serve as mini-trampolines to foster higher ball speeds across a wider portion of the face. This includes reducing thickness in the heel and toe to mitigate the loss of ball speed on badly off-centre strikes. This iron also contains a high-grade thermoplastic urethane to help promote rebound and enhance feel. This is more than enough club at the right price.

7-iron loft 27.5 degrees; pw loft 42 degrees

Reviewer profile

“The launch is low and controlled yet long. Very consistent. Mis-hits were not penalised much, and those shots stayed on point.”

– Player comment

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