What it does: The original T300 was relatively large. This one has been slimmed down to be more Titleist-like. However, this doesn’t mean it has any less potency. On the contrary, a variable-thickness face design offers improved deflection and faster ball speeds across the face. The strong lofts might have you worried about hitting line drives, but that’s not the case. A change to the position of the polymer core – now on the lower part of the sole behind the face, compared to being on the back side of the iron – helps the face work more efficiently, especially on low impacts, to enhance lift.

Why we like it: It took some time for Titleist to realise that elite golfers weren’t the only ones who wanted to play their clubs. Once Titleist came around, the company expanded its audience and
really elevated its use of technology. The T300 is a nifty example of that. The magnified use of tungsten – applied to the toe and heel through an intricate brazing technique – improves forgiveness on off-centre hits. The dense material is used in the 4 through 7-iron with an average of 70 grams per clubhead, an increase of 40 percent compared with the previous T300.

7-iron loft 29 degrees; pw loft 43 degrees

Reviewer profile

“Crisp and explosive: it hardly feels like I am hitting anything. It disappears off the clubface so smoothly.”

– Player comment

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