Paradym X

What it does: The Paradym X features the same technology as the Paradym iron in the players-distance category: hollow-body construction, variable-thickness cupface and internal urethane microspheres. The high-strength 455 stainless steel typically used in metal woods allowed Callaway engineers to design a face that’s thinner than if they had used traditional stainless steel. This results in a fast-flexing face with select areas stiffened to allow the cupface to transfer energy to the ball more efficiently.

Why we like it: If the players-distance Paradym is a luxury car, the Paradym X is a monster truck. The face has more pop than a champagne cork, and the beefier head size, topline and sole provide comfort to golfers lacking some confidence. Hidden but still very important are a pair of tungsten weights (as much as 67 grams) that precisely locate the centre of gravity (CG) of each iron – an internal one places the CG in line with the centre of the face and an external one drives the CG lower. Why should you care? The tungsten also helps mis-hits or, in layman’s terms, it can be the difference between hitting the green or dumping it in the bunker.

7-iron loft 27.5 degrees; pw loft 41 degrees

Reviewer profile

“I love the chrome finish. This club is powerful, and the feel is the softest in this category. Power to spare. The ball just goes.”

– Player comment

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