0211 XCOR2

What it does: The PXG 0211 XCOR2 is a little like a plant-based burger – not the real thing but close enough to satisfy a certain segment of the population. Often overshadowed by PXG’s forged 0311 irons, the cast 0211 has mainly existed as a more-affordable alternative. However, now the iron has received a technological overhaul that includes many of the features of the 0311, including the use of the same polymer-core filling. The material has two primary objectives: its lighter density saves weight that is redistributed to the perimeter to increase forgiveness, and it helps increase distance with higher ball speeds across a larger area of the face.

Why we like it: Is it somewhat odd that PXG’s best iron might be its least expensive? That could be the case here. Because it’s designed to serve a wider audience than the company’s other irons, the 0211 features longer blades with more offset in the longer irons and progressively less offset and more compact size in the short irons. This iron is proof that you don’t have to use an unlimited research-and-development budget to produce a product with a beautiful look at address and a syrupy sound and feel.

7-iron loft 28 degrees; pw loft 42 degrees

Reviewer profile

“These definitely improve your flaws. There’s a terrific balance throughout the swing, and the ball scorches off the face with a piercing, medium flight.”

– Player comment

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