Every ball that has ever been created tells a similar story: how its latest technology makes it so much faster than ever before. The TP5 family isn’t shying away from that claim, of course, but it’s also not afraid to talk about how much better it is at going slow. Specifically, the latest improvements to the aerodynamic dimple patterns of these balls seek to optimise the ball’s flight when its speed starts to slow down at its apex, and the ball begins its downward flight. The dimple’s flatter bottom reduces drag at the start of flight, and its large volume preserves lift as the ball is losing speed for more distance.

These balls still are most notable for their five-layer construction. Three mantle layers surround the core to optimise the different impacts from driver to short irons. Tour staff input led to adding more speed to the softer TP5 through an enlarged core and enhancing short-game performance on the TP5x by softening the cover. The TP5 is still designed to fly a little lower with the highest wedge spin, and the TP5x flies higher with the driver and irons. 

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