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TaylorMade P•770 - Australian Golf Digest TaylorMade P•770 - Australian Golf Digest



Why we like it

Yes, tour players use this iron, but even average players can enjoy many of the club’s benefits. Tungsten, for example, is used in the longer irons to make it easier to get shots airborne, and despite its classic looks, this is a hollow-body iron with a face as thin as 1.55 millimetres. The thin face and TaylorMade’s “speed-pocket slot” produce plenty of spring-like effect at impact for maximum distance.

  • Weight has been removed from the high-toe area to expand the sweet spot.
  • A polyurethane foam inside the head assists feel.
  • 7-iron: 33 degrees; PW: 46 degrees

Top 5 highest flying, players irons, low-handicaps

Reviewer profile

“Good turf interaction with a crisp sound off of the face. That sensory feedback makes it easy to tell centre strikes from mis-hits.”

– 1-Handicapper

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