Srixon’s tour-level balls optimise distance with a very thin cover. This allows for a larger core that reacts with less spin compared to some higher-compression cores, increasing the potential for energy and distance. However, because these balls have to be good for all types of shots, the new models have a slightly thicker cover to improve feel and spin. Although that would normally reduce distance because of higher spin, a new, deeper dimple pattern is used to counteract this effect.

Is it for you?

Z-STAR: Targets players who want greenside finesse. More playable for a broader range of swing speeds than XV or τ.

Z-STAR XV: The inner core on this dual-core model produces the extra ball speed that makes this the longest of the three balls. It also spins less off the driver and launches a little higher.

Z-STAR τ: It features the XV’s extra resilient core to appeal to faster swing speeds, but a thicker, softer cover gives extra spin on iron shots as well as chips and pitches.

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