Battle Ready

PXG’s commitment to putters is not just another luxury from a luxury brand. It’s a total pursuit of face and weighting technologies with an emphasis on fitting. First, each head features full customisation through changeable screw weights in the sole (including the heavier-headed armlock version) and three hosel options. This allows the same head style to work in one of two toe-hang choices and in a face-balanced, double-bend version for those who prefer more of a pendulum stroke. Each option combines a milled construction with heavy tungsten at the extreme perimeter to boast a deep centre of gravity to more easily keep the club on its intended path during the stroke. Finally, different-size pyramids in decreasing density across the face help ensure consistent speed on mis-hits. 

SPECS 4 models; head weight 330-455 grams; length 33-38 inches

Reviewer profile

“I like more traditional clubs, but this felt very easy to hit and was not overly complicated. I felt instantly confident over the ball.”

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