All clubs have a sweet spot, but Evnroll boasts a sweet face. In chasing zero dispersion, Evnroll uses variable-width channels spanning the face, wider in the centre and gradually narrowing towards the toe and heel. This construction progressively redirects the ball down the target line at impact. The ball-size sole cavity on the mammoth ER11 positions mass outward and rearward, with two adjustable weights on the club’s outer edges to push a very high MOI. Most models also offer the V-Series adjustable shaft that makes changing hosels as easy as adjusting your driver (including using the same wrench). Evnroll’s “gravity grip” mixes a lightweight foam with an internal 70-gram steel rod to keep the hands and the putter face angle moving in unison before, during and beyond impact.

SPECS 7 models; head weight 350-380 grams; length 33-35 inches

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“Easy to set up. That thicker grip almost guides my hands. The whole putter is simple and effective, and the roll is pure.”

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