Queen B (2021)

While “technology” in the latest mallets can sometimes overwhelm our senses, consider the Queen B that familiar face across a crowded room, quieter perhaps, but no less exciting. Its classic lines and restrained half-mallet shape satisfy the golfer seeking off-centre-hit stability without sacrificing a traditional, stylish appearance. This year’s model retains Bettinardi’s “micro-honeycomb” milling pattern on the face, designed to provide a firmer and responsive feel. As usual, the head is a one-piece milling, this time from soft carbon steel, and its shape positions the centre of gravity in line with the centre of the face. The crescent-milled neck creates the toe-hang angle that works with a moderate arcing stroke. The rose gold PVD finish strikes an elegant yet practical tone, reducing glare at address.

SPECS 1 model; head weight 362 grams; length 33-35 inches 

Reviewer profile

“The beautiful finish gets you excited, like finding a heads-up penny. Good heft, balanced, with a pure roll every time.”

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