0211 Series

What it does: As incongruous as it might seem that the luxury golf-equipment brand PXG has the least-expensive product on the Hot List, don’t think that this affordable putter is without game-enhancing features. The company’s four blades cater to four strokes, and the face has the same variable pattern of pyramids found on the more expensive PXG Battle Ready line-up. That pyramid texture gets less dense towards the heel and toe to equalise the energy transfer all across the face for more consistent distance control. 

Why we like it: A refreshing price point will naturally appeal to a lot of newer golfers, many of whom are looking for an easier way to understand aim. That’s where this putter excels: the runway pattern of angled stripes really help golfers line up correctly. 

Specs 4 models; head weight 350-365 grams; length 33-38 inches

Reviewer profile

“When you set it down behind the ball, the graphics practically produce a laser beam towards your target.”

– Player comment

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