White Hot OG

What it does: Thomas Wolfe seemed certain you couldn’t go home again, but it seems he never had much of an understanding of the unique flex modulus properties of the two-part urethane mix used in Odyssey’s White Hot putters. Popular for decades among tour players for its unique combination of soft feel with higher rebound, it was resurrected last year and became a top-seller all over again. 

Why we like it: What’s interesting about this insert is that for all its reliability in soft feel and performance, there’s also a remarkable consistency in sound. The range of sound in terms of pitch and amplitude is tighter across all distances than some milled putters. The graphite-steel Stroke Lab shaft and its higher balance point enhances that consistency, improving tempo and face control.

Specs 2 models; head weight 350-360 grams; length 33-35 inches

Reviewer profile

“The softest insert out here.Sometimes really soft faces don’t transmit feel, but this one is soft yet responsive.”

– Player comment

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