ER/V Series

What it does: The grooves across the face vary in width and depth to help putts roll more consistently in distance and direction. The key to the design is how the grooves start out wider and get narrower towards the heel and toe. The increased contact area away from the centre directs more energy towards the ball for tighter distance control, and that pattern creates a slight V-shape to redirect heel and toe mis-hits back towards the target. 

Why we like it: There are six possible hosels for each putterhead (easily adjustable at a fitting and any time thereafter). Each creates a different degree of toe hang to better match each individual stroke. Just as practical is the “midlock” grip that simplifies the armlock specs and, more importantly, the armlock stroke. 

Specs 2 models (six hosels); head weight 350-380 grams; length 30-41 inches

Reviewer profile

“The attention to detail oozes class. The two small aiming dots, the exposed screws and even the grip made every roll optimal.”

– Player comment

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