These two models provide a familiar duo in the multilayer, urethane-cover ball space: one is built to accommodate faster swing speeds, and the other is for the rest of us. The two go about those performance characteristics with fairly standard practices.

The Tour is a three-piece design with a large, softer core and a stiff mantle layer for distance-enhancing lower spin off the long clubs.

The X uses two mantle layers to better optimise long-game speed and spin. Both balls feature improvements in core and mantle resilience and in the urethane cover’s short-game spin compared with the previous models.

Maxfli’s team, however, made an additional technological commitment that’s rarely considered by the average consumer. In the manufacturing process, the ball’s centre of gravity is more explicitly defined, and the side stamp is applied to match that position.

This lets golfers better align that centre of gravity on tee shots and putts. The ultimate benefit should be a truer flight and a cleaner roll on putts. 

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