rogue st max/max ls/max d/◊◊◊ls

What it does: The biggest driver family in Callaway’s history expands the company’s use of artificial intelligence to produce four distinct faces that don’t just enhance power but control spin. That’s important because large clubheads can boost ball speed but often fight excessive spin. A large central weight cartridge low in the back provides extreme off-centre-hit stability. Callaway has also refined its “jailbreak” structure, an internal bracket that joins the crown and sole to stiffen the body and direct energy into the flexing face.

Why we like it: Callaway found that adjustable weights aren’t enough to optimise performance, so the company created these four models with distinct attributes for specific types of golfers. Each features different face angles, lie angles, shapes and degrees of draw bias and spin to better match the needs of different golfer types. The line includes a dedicated draw model (Max D), a maximum forgiveness model (Max), a version that mixes equal parts high forgiveness, neutral launch and low spin (Max LS) and a compact, tour-favoured option with the lowest spin (◊◊◊LS).

lofts 9, 10.5, 12 (max, max d); 9, 10.5 (max ls, ◊◊◊ls); adjustable

Reviewer profile

“Beautiful, understated head. Love the proportions. Annunciates impact. Even mis-hits were straight down range with a perfect combo of height and distance.”

– Player comment

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