These four balls address two performance areas and two kinds of swing speeds. The dividing line between the X and XS and the RX and RXS is a driver swing speed of 105 miles per hour. If you’re slower than that, choose between the distance-focused RX and the higher-spinning RXS (Lexi Thompson and Fred Couples). If you swing faster than 105mph, then play the tour balls used by Tiger Woods (yes, he has played both the distance X and the spinnier XS).

The urethane-cover compound in all four balls uses an additive that maximises resiliency for high-speed driver impacts. When impact is slower, like on a wedge shot, the additive helps the urethane adhere to the face for control and spin.

Is it for you?

X: This model is for high-speed players who desire distance more than workability and softer short-game feel.

XS: The target audience here is fast-swing players whose games revolve around spin and control, even if it means giving up maximum distance.

RX:Slower-swing-speed players will like the soft feel yet greater resilience on driver shots. In our testing, this was the lowest-spinning ball of the four, but it still had plenty of spin on short shots.

RXS: The softest option of the four caters to average-swing-speed players who want to maximise their short-game spin.

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