Equipment: The results are in

Our latest online equipment poll of more than 5,000 Australian golfers provides an intriguing insight into your playing – and paying – preferences.

Hot List 2022 Balls: Want to be 12 feet closer to the hole?

Our robot testing by clubfitter Cool Clubs reveals that urethane-cover balls spin more than non-urethane-cover balls on shots around the green, sometimes twice as much. Using Foresight Sports FSX software, the difference between the lower-spinning balls and the urethane-cover balls is essentially the difference between a 10-foot putt and a 22-foot putt on a flat Read more…

Why you should get fit for clubs

Three editors and a rabbi walk into a clubfitting. Yes, they walk out with new gear, but also hope for where their games are headed.

Too hard to hit? Not anymore

As the longest clubs you hit off the ground, fairway woods and hybrids are asked to do a lot. We considered 61 entries; 27 made the list.

2020 Hot List: Blade Putters

These blade putters mix old-school cool with next-wave technology to improve your roll. We considered 26 models; 17 made the list.

2020 Hot List: Mallet Putters

Six of the top-10 players in the world use a mallet, so think what one might do for you. We considered 28 models; 14 made the list.

2020 Hot List: Wedges

You’ve lost 2,500rpm of spin if your wedge is from 2017. Get it back and more with 2020’s best. We considered 26 models; 12 made the list.