Our latest online equipment poll of more than 5,000 Australian golfers provides an intriguing insight into your playing – and paying – preferences.

Photo by  istock.com/Pickone

We know you want to buy new clubs. We have quantifiable data that proves it.

It might have been a wet summer, but that hasn’t dampened interest in the latest and greatest gear, according to Australian Golf Digest’s annual equipment survey. Our popular reader poll, this year completed by more than 5,200 participants, suggests an enthusiasm to buy. In fact, 25 percent of respondents revealed they have spent between $500 and $1,000 on equipment during the past 12 months, with a further 39 percent admitting they’ll spend more before the year is out.

But as this issue is all about the best drivers you can buy, we thought we’d share some interesting results on your playing preferences off the tee. 

There were two clear standout brands in people’s bags this year: Callaway is the most popular choice of driver with a healthy 26.53 percent ownership, followed by TaylorMade (25.69 percent) and Ping coming in third on 11.40 percent [see the full list below].

Half of you out there own a driver that’s no older than two years – impressive! Not so impressive, however, is the science behind your choice. Concerningly, 47.8 percent of those surveyed hadn’t been professionally fitted for their current driver – a rookie mistake if ever we’ve seen one. We just hope it was worth it.