Some guys have all the luck. The phrase “Holy Grail of Golf Goodwill Hauls” might seem like a bit of an exaggeration, but that’s before you see the deal of all deals that this golfer got on a set of Titleist clubs. It’s time for the rest of us to start scavenging our local op shops for even 1/100th of what this individual was able to find.

Holy Grail of Golf Goodwill Hauls
byu/Kobblur ingolf

“Me and my buddy came across a full set (8) of t100’s, three Titliest [sic] wedges, and a Titliest [sic] hybrid while looking for t-shirts at the goodwill near where we work,” said Kobblur on r/golf. “They were marked at $2.99 for each club, which we ended up buying and taking to the Golf Galaxy 5 minutes away. They offered us $410 in-store credit for all the clubs but I believe we could easily get around double?”

It’s quite the deal, and fellow Redditors have started guessing that a divorce or death is the reason for this stash making it to Goodwill. A commenter who made a similar find said as much about his beloved putter: “I got my white hot 2 ball putter from goodwill and it was 100% from an old guy that kicked the can. I saw his shoes, polos and clubs throughout the store. Kind of weird now to think of it.”

Maybe the Golf Gods would be happy that the clubs made it into the hands of a fellow golfer? Just trying to be optimistic here. The Reddit commenters, however, forced the original poster’s hand, and he eventually dropped the receipt for all the non-believers. 2024-06-25 at 9.41.05 AM.png

That’s $A26.98 ($US17.94 before tax)… It’s not getting any better than this. The moral of the story here is that we all have to make a daily pilgrimage now to nearby op shops and hope that we find something.