Every year we see the best golfers in the world get fired up over getting an invite to the Masters. Turns out, celebrity golfers can have the same reactions to a piece of mail as well.

In this case, we’re talking about Larry Fitzgerald, who has become a fixture at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in recent years, even winning it a couple times. But the future NFL Hall-of-Famer still gets fired up every time he receives the invite at his house.

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“Heck yeah, I looked forward to it even when I was playing football,” Fitzgerald told reporters after Thursday’s round. “This is the highlight of the year. Every time you get that invitation that comes in the mail, you 2 open it up like a kid in the candy store. It’s the invitation that you always want when you see it come in the mail. My kids even know now, like, ‘Dad, it came in the mail!’ Like yes, yes, yes.”

“The highlight of the year.” Even during his playing career! As golf fans, we love hearing that. And as our Jerry Tarde pointed out, at such a crazy time in pro golf, it’s enthusiasm from amateur golfers that will carry the game.

By the way, Fitzgerald is playing to a 6 handicap this year, down a few strokes from those victories. Kinda like Aaron Rodgers is down to a 4 from last year when he won as a 10 and Josh Allen (a 9) said he “sandbagged the world.” No argument here, Josh.

But unlike in previous years, Fitzgerald doesn’t have his usual partner, Kevin Streelman, who didn’t qualify for what this year is a PGA Tour signature event. Instead, Larry is playing with Adam Hadwin, AKA Jessica Hadwin’s wife. Fingers crossed, some good content will come from that.

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