In case you haven’t heard, the European Tour is really good at the whole content thing. Case in point, the tour’s latest “14 Club Challenge” video featuring New Zealand’s Ryan Fox and England’s Eddie Pepperell, who can make just about any situation more entertaining with his presence.

But rather than pranking fellow Englishman Matt Wallace or leading a “Content Committee” meeting, in this latest video we got to actually see Pepperrell hit some golf shots. Turns out he’s almost as good a player as he is a comedian.

If you haven’t watched any past installments of the “14 Club Challenge” (Ho Sung Choi vs. Erik Van Rooyen is one we’d recommend), the rules are simple: each player alternates hitting tee shots on a par 3 and once one club is used it cannot be used again by either player. Whoever hits the green the most times after all 14 clubs are used is the winner. The stage for the latest edition of the challenge was the par-3 eighth hole at Lahinch, site of last week’s Irish Open. Take it away, Eddie and Ryan:

We don’t think the European Tour was exaggerating in calling that the best 14 Club Challenge yet. A few moments that stood out:

A bottle of wine, Ryan? C’mon, what is this, amateur hour?

All-time cheeky grin/hat tip combo from Eddie P. after that trap-draw pitching wedge. That’s a big-time shot from 135 metres out, and he knew it. Love the smack talk after it as well:

Which he followed up by daggering himself:

But soon after he displayed some serious talent by nearly flying one in the hole and comparing himself to Picasso. Going forward, that is the only way I will be describing my best golf shots. Picasso!

The best part of course came at the end, when Pepperell found the green for the sixth time to win the challenge with a putter, which he then snapped in half Thomas Pieters style:

Usually, guys snap clubs out of anger, but in Pepperell’s case it was in celebration/shock that he was able to hit one on the green with a putter. Fox and Pepperell went 11 for 14 for the whole challenge, which is pretty damn good if you ask us. Pepperell kept it rolling when the actual tournament started as well, sharing fourth place behind victor Jon Rahm. Fox struggled, shooting rounds of 73 and 77 to miss the cut.