My A Swing Grip Will Help You Stripe It

One of the unique aspects of my A Swing technique is the way you hold the club. I call it the Prayer Grip, because the hands are positioned in a somewhat symmetrical way – like praying. This helps provide good wrist action and aids in delivering the clubface squarely to the ball, no matter how you swing the club. Make the switch, and it won’t take long to feel natural. Follow these steps to improve your grip.

David Leadbetter

  1. Get It Out of the Palms [far left]
    If you hold the club deep in the palms, it will restrict wrist action, and your power and accuracy will suffer. For the wrists to properly hinge and unhinge, grip the club diagonally across both sets of fingers, starting with the left hand.
  2. Let Your Hands Oppose [middle left]
    Adjust your hand positions so the left is rotated to the right on the grip (strong position) and the right is rotated to the left (weak position). The thumbs should be on opposite sides of the handle. You can interlock the right pinkie or overlap it.
  3. Check For Symmetry [middle right]
    Hold the club in front of you to make sure the angles at the base of your hands are symmetrical.  The wrists  should be slightly cupped, giving these joints a concave look – just like they would have if your hands were clasped in prayer.
  4. Feel The Club’s Weight [far right]
    Hold the grip softly and devoid of excess wrist tension. When hovering the clubhead, sense its weight is mostly supported by the last two fingers of the left hand and the thumb and forefinger of the right. Now you can swing the club freely.

– David Leadbetter is a Golf Digest Teaching Professional.