During the off season, I play a lot with my amateur mates in Atlanta. I have a big edge in the short game, and bunker play in particular. It’s because of three pro short cuts.

Here they are:

(1) At address, lean to your front side. Push 80 per cent of your weight to your forward leg, enough to feel pressure in the thigh. That sets up a descending blow. A lot of golfers hang on the back foot, sensing they need to help the ball up. But you’ve got to hit down.

(2) With the clubface slightly open, take the club back to the outside. Then swing down on an out-to-in path, but not too steep. You don’t want to dig. You’re looking for a sliding action. Let the bounce, and the heavy sole of your sand wedge, control the depth.

(3) The final key is rhythm. Keep it slow and smooth. See my long follow-through? You can only do that with a nice, even tempo. Remember these three tips, and you’ll get it close.

Chris Kirk, 30, has four US PGA Tour wins and played on the US team that won the 2015 Presidents Cup.