It’s true that a lot can go wrong in your golf swing, but once you improve your pivot—and by that we mean, the way you shift and turn during your swing—you’ll find a lot can start going right.

Perhaps the biggest pitfall in amateur golfers’ swings is how they move from side-to-side during their swing.

Many golfers slide severely into their trail side on their backswing, so much that there’s no way they shift all the way back into their lead foot by the time they’re at impact.

With too much weight hanging out on their trail leg as they swing through, golfers tend to bottom out through the ball, which can lead to some severe contact errors like chunks, skulls, and other ugly shots.

Which brings us to Cameron Young’s swing thought, which you can check out in our new Swing Thought Finder tool right here.

Left knee down

Young says that on the backswing, a key “benchmark” is feeling as though he’s pushing his left knee towards the ground on the backswing.

This dropping of his left knee down towards the ground helps Young stay centered during his golf swing—preventing any excess slide—and crucially, allows him to push back up off the ground on the downswing.

It’s a move present in many great golf swings, like the great Jack Nicklaus’ “rotary” golf swing. It’s a move that, for many golfers, could solve one problem, while power-boosting the rest of their backswing.

Once again, you can check out the full slate of feels in our Swing Thought Finder right here.

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