Aside from a few mini-tour events, every golf tournament known to man has been postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus. It’s left many well-known tour pros with a lot of free time, and it’s being used in a variety of ways. Brooks Koepka is using the time to snipe fools on Twitter, which is something we could all get very used to.

In a now-deleted tweet, Jesse Polk, who we assume is a fine young man, expressed his anger over the USGA’s announcement of the cancellation of the US Women’s Amateur Four-Ball and the US Amateur Four-Ball, which were set to take place in late April and late May, respectively. Polk was supposed to play in the event, so he tweeted that he was upset and for some reason called on a number of tour pros to speak up about it, tagging them in the tweet. Unfortunately for him, Koepka responded:

Sorry, Jesse, but if you thought Brooks was going to be a shoulder to cry on, you were sorely mistaken. He immediately began walking back his deleted tweet after Koepka put him in a corner:

Fair enough Jesse, we’ll take your word for it. Hope you recover soon from being called “chief”.

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