Back in February, Anthony Kim made his shocking return to professional golf after 12 long years in the wind. Not long after, Kim—like seemingly all pros in the modern era—joined X for the first time.

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Things started innocently enough, with Kim posting inspirational platitudes and praising the support of his family, but with time, Twitter corrupts all things. It sours the soul. It curdles joy. It’s where optimism turns to ash, and Kim was not immune to its influence.

On Friday, the LIV golfer sparked controversy, calling pundit Brandel Chamblee a “pussy” and “talentless fool” for suddenly changing his anti-LIV tune with a merger on the horizon. Kim’s crude words were met with equally venomous response from the X peanut gallery, and he responded with sarcastic contrition.

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If you thought Kim might lay low after the weekend hoopla, think again. On Tuesday, AK-47 logged back on and started shooting from the hip once more, taking aim at Jimmy Dunne, an investment banker who was hired by the PGA Tour to help broker a deal with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. Dunne resigned on Tuesday, citing a lack of progress on the deal as a primary cause and Kim had some pun fun with the news.

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Kim was sipping coffee instead of tea, but there was no mistaking his tone. For the second time in less than a week, the former Ryder Cup hero has thrown shade at a PGA Tour mouthpiece, introducing social media to a new, jaded side of Anthony Kim. Who will land in his crosshairs next? Rory McIlroy? Jay Monahan? The PGA Tour logo silhouette? Something tells us we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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