If you’ve never made a hole-in-one, this is one of those posts you might not want to read.

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Introducing Cliff Romme, a 77-year-old Scottsdale resident, who earlier this week made not one, but TWO aces in the same round. At this point, people probably have some choice words for a golfer so fortunate, but since Cliff was clad in a NAVY hat during his TV interview, all we’ll say is, “Congrats.” And “Thank you for your service.”

Romme’s magical round began on the 123-yard, par-3 fourth hole at Orange Tree Golf Resort. And, according to him, it came out of nowhere.

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“It started off as probably my worst round in several weeks,” Romme told Phoenix TV station Fox 10. “I just could not keep the ball in the right spots.”

In fact, Romme brought a wedge to the green thinking his tee shot was long, but was pleasantly surprised when his ball was found in the cup. And then the unthinkable happened again just three holes later on the 148-yard seventh.

“I was a little numb,” said Romme, who is part of a 40-man group called the Bogey Boys. “I couldn’t believe it.” Watch Fox 10’s report here:

Pretty amazing—especially considering that’s only happened three times in PGA Tour history. We always joke about lucky golfers needing to buy lottery tickets, and that’s exactly what Cliff did on his way home from the course.

Unfortunately, that theory didn’t work, but we can’t feel too bad. And you know he and the rest of the Bogey Boys had a pretty darn good celebration after that.

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