December 9-15, 2019


Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Melbourne, Australia


Alister MacKenzie (1931)/Alex Russell (1932)


Par 72, 6,458 metres (7,062 yards)


The US team defeated the International team at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, in 2017.


1994 – United States (20-12)
1996 – United States (16.5-15.5)
1998 – Internationals (20.5-11.5)
2000 – United States (21.5-10.5)
2003 – Tie (17-17)
2005 – United States (18.5-15.5)
2007 – United States (19.5-14.5)
2009 – United States (19.5-14.5)
2011 – United States (19-15)
2013 – United States (18.5-15.5)
2015 – United States (15.5-14.5)
2017 – United States (19-11)


Presidents Cup competition consists of 30 matches:

• Thursday – 5 Four-ball matches
• Friday – 5 Foursomes matches
• Saturday morning – 4 Four-ball matches
• Saturday afternoon – 4 Foursomes matches
• Sunday – 12 Singles matches

All matches are worth one point each, for a total of 30 points. There are no playoffs, with each side receiving half a point if a match is tied after 18 holes. In a change inspired by the events of the 2003 Presidents Cup, if the competition is deadlocked at the end of Singles play, the competition will be deemed a tie and the teams
will share the Presidents Cup. The host team captain chooses the format of play for the opening matches on Thursday (Foursomes or Four-ball). The following segments will then alternate accordingly, with 12 singles matches played on Sunday.

Format Change

In 2019, a minor format change will be implemented, stating each player shall only be required to play a minimum of one match prior to the Sunday singles matches. This is a change from previous years when players were required to compete in at least two matches prior to singles matches.


Unlike many other events, the players do not receive prizemoney based on performance. Instead, the PGA Tour pledges to contribute to charities, which are nominated by the players, captains and captains’ assistants from both teams.

Presidents CupTHE TROPHY

Created by Tiffany & Company, the Presidents Cup trophy weighs a total of 13 kilograms. The trophy was spun by a spinner from five sterling silver circles into five different shapes.  The spun components were then put together by a silversmith to create a cup. The silversmith ran a roller die to create the beaded embellishment that goes around the cup and the foot of the trophy. The oval logo was etched and applied on the cup. Labour dedicated to creating the trophy totalled 80 hours (spinning, smithing, finishing). The entire trophy is vermeil in 24-carat gold, and the original trophy is housed at the World Golf Hall of Fame in Florida.


The Presidents Cup is projected to be broadcast in 227 countries and territories, to about one billion homes, and in 32 different languages.

Nine Network (Local)

• Thursday, December 12: 9:30am – 4pm AEDT – Day 1
• Friday, December 13:   11am – 4pm AEDT – Day 2
• Saturday, December 14:  7am – 6pm AEDT – Day 3
• Sunday, December 15:  10am – 4pm AEDT – Day 4


In 2021, the Presidents Cup will be contested in the south-eastern United States for the first time in the event’s history when Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, welcomes the Presidents Cup from September 30 to October 3, 2021. Quail Hollow has already proven itself as a worthy venue to host the game’s biggest events. It has played host to the PGA Tour’s Wells Fargo Championship since 2003, and in 2017 it brought the PGA Championship to Charlotte, which was won by Justin Thomas.

Future host sites that have already been named include TPC Harding Park in San Francisco, California, which will welcome the 2025 Presidents Cup.



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