Caution, because what we are about to show you is the wildest, scariest horror film you’ll see all year. It involves a bear. And a wooded area. And . . . a bag of golf clubs? Yep, a bag of golf clubs.

There’s been a rash of airline disaster stories of late with golfers’ most-prized possessions being misplaced, damaged, or even destroyed. But nothing compares to actually watching your loved ones – well, your loved clubs – being ripped away from you in broad daylight.

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But sadly, such was the case for one man recently when a bold bear walked onto the course (obviously not in Australia!) he was playing and kidnapped his golf bag. The bear tore the bag straight from the cart and then dragged it with him back into the woods like Leatherface dragging another victim to his basement in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Check it out:

Unbelievable. Just horrifying stuff. That poor guy screaming at the bear as if it was going to change anything like the victims in slasher movies begging their captors to let them go. It never works. Heartbreaking to watch, really. At least it looks like some (most?) of the clubs came out while the beast was dragging the bag away.

We’ve seen bears play with flagsticks, steal food, and even steal a beer. (What in the world was in that golf bag, by the way?!) But those videos were cute. This one, on the other hand, needs to come with an R rating.

In any event, our Ts & Ps to that poor, poor golfer. But as hard as that ordeal was, if he has to explain to his wife why he has to buy a new set of clubs, at least he has video proof. Otherwise, no one would believe that story.