By Alex Myers/Golf Digest US

The flip shot and the bottle flip are two of the hottest trends in golf trick shots these days. Yes, we say “trends,” because with such a bevy of trick shots being created, we have to start breaking them down by category.

The flip shot (we didn’t know what else to call it) is the one where someone grips a driver down by the head, then flips the club during the backswing to get it into proper position to hit the ball on the downswing. This is done in one, fluid motion. Like so:


The bottle flip is a lot simpler. You essentially flip a bottle and have it land upright, although there are creative variations. Well, one precocious five-year-old has combined the two. Introducing Blake Nakagawa:

OK, so this also falls into the category of “cute kids doing trick shots.” Congrats on nailing this trifecta, Blake. And we look forward to seeing more from you in the future.