Portsea Golf Club is a classic case of good things coming in small packages. Located amid the flashy, brawny layouts of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula is this old-school, 5,700-metre gem that even modern technology cannot dilute. Firm and bouncy with rugged, craggy bunkers, Portsea is as fun as it is charming. About the only change to the layout in immediate memory is a re-sequencing of the holes when a new clubhouse and hotel was constructed in a central part of the property five years ago, and a shortening of what is now the first hole from a par 5 to a par 4.    


Portsea Golf Club

Ranking in 2018: 57th

Prior rankings: 62nd (2016), 54th (2014), 44th (2012), 38th (2010), 49th (2008), 47th (2006), 40th (2004), 34th (2002), 28th (2000), 49th (1998), 62nd (1996), 73rd (1994), 81st (1991), 73rd (1989), Seventh Ten (1986)

Where: London Bridge Rd, Portsea VIC 3944

Phone: (03) 5981 6155

Web: portseagolf.com.au

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