Not every golfer possesses tour-calibre swing speed. With that reality in mind, Cobra engineered a range of clubs using an ultra-light construction designed specifically for moderate swing speeds.

We asked Brent Allan, a 56-year-old 22-handicapper from Northbridge Golf Club in Sydney’s north, to put these clubs through their paces and test the theory.

Describe the fitting process with Cobra. Which clubs did you end up with? Did the process teach you anything new about your swing and/or golf equipment in general?

The new varied-length F-MAX range. I noticed a big difference in the grips. They’re larger and so much easier to hold the club. In fact, I found I was not holding it as firmly in the grip. I also found with the forgiveness of the clubs that I could get the ball in the air more easily. With a slower swing speed, this meant I didn’t feel like I had to swing hard. Smooth, easy swings worked the best and gave more consistent results. It was a great lesson, as I tend to go too hard at the ball.

Did you notice a difference in your game immediately?

Yes, the clubs are very forgiving. If the strike was not in the middle of the clubface, I found I still generated good distance and, interestingly, the ball flew straighter with little to no vibration through the shaft on mis-hits (which I liked). That’s the key area for me – consistency – and the F-MAXs certainly improved that.

What was the most noticeable change?

The lighter shaft made me swing a little easier and the ball strike was softer. I did not have to try to hit the ball too hard. I also loved the look of the clubhead down the shaft … there is a good-sized sweet spot! It gave me confidence just by standing over the ball.

Cobra’s aim is to bring the forgiving power of speed to average golfers. Was this the case for you?

Yes. My swing was a little slower and yet the ball strike was better. I found at least 25 metres more with the driver, I loved the hybrid (easily my go-to club) and even the long irons yielded great flight and distance, whereas being a high-handicapper they are the clubs I would normally avoid. The black finish is very stylish and I had plenty of comments on them from the other members of the club.

In which department of the game did you see most progress?

Better distance and control, more consistency and, as I said, I loved the larger grips and not having to choke the grip as much.

What difference has it made to your handicap?

I played to my handicap or better each of my first three games with the F-MAXs and then came close to the same result the next two. I shot five consecutive rounds of 33 Stableford points or more (and that never happens with me!).

What was your largest takeaway from the whole experience?

I really liked the look of the clubs. I loved the lighter shafts, the larger grips and the feel of the club at impact is more forgiving. Would I put them in my bag? Absolutely. The F-MAXs make the game easier. I am a high-handicapper so now that I’ve found these, I am going to stick with them and get some lessons. My objective is to drop my handicap from 22 to 18 in the next six months. With these clubs, I have no doubt that will happen.