Groove the correct sequence for better ball-striking.

How you strike the ball is dependent entirely on posture and the sequencing of the golf swing, and there is one drill in particular that ingrains the correct movements.

Starting with great posture that allows your dynamics to move correctly, load your swing to the top and stop. From that point, feel like you’re driving your lead side – knees, hips and shoulders – back and then allow the arms to follow the rotation and hold on all the way through to about the 3 o’clock position.

Done at 50 per cent speed, that one drill covers downswing, impact and follow-through and can be done either hitting balls or without.

If you allow the hands to lead the downswing, the body can never recover in time to create the ideal position at impact. It’s just like throwing a rock. You shift, you rotate and then you throw. You don’t throw first.

Lead with the shift and the arms will follow. 

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Reasonable resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are inherently flawed but here’s one you can keep: commit to three-week goals.

Don’t set a target for the end of the year that will at times seem overwhelming and unlikely. Working with your coach, set three-week goals that you know you can achieve.

Short-term goals lead to long-term results, I guarantee it.

Getty Images: Andy Lyons