Ryan Ruffels has his groove back

As he heads back to Argentina – in fact, Buenos Aires – Ryan Ruffels is in a much better place now compared to the last time he visited.

Marc Leishman

Marc Leishman: Make 2018 Your Year

What I did to produce a career-best season – and how it can help you achieve the same. By Australian Golf Digest Player of the Year Marc Leishman

How To Raise A Golfer

How To Raise A Golfer

It’s the struggle of almost every golf-playing parent: how do I get my child to love golf? For two-time Australian Golf Digest Teacher of the Year Denis McDade, that question opened up a whole new sub-sector of golf instruction.

Cardinal Sins Of Rookie Pros

14 Cardinal Sins Of Rookie Pros

Much is made about when an elite amateur should turn professional. But a more pressing question should be What To Do Once You Turn Pro.

50 Great PGA Coaches

50 Great PGA Coaches

Is your New Year’s resolution to play your best golf ever? Start here with Australia’s world-class stable of PGA-accredited teachers.