Get Set: Ball-striking success starts at address

Ever notice how many tour pros have both feet anchored to the ground at impact? Not everyone – some pros get up on their toes for more power – but most know having both feet planted is such a stable position when you’re swinging through the hitting zone.

Short-game strategy: Chipping it close starts with having a plan

To be a great chipper, you must first commit to a system. Do you prefer to use one club and make different swings depending on the situation, or are you more comfortable making one swing but using different clubs to produce a variety of shots?

First Tee a hit in Hobart

It is synonymous with junior golf in the United States, but the success of the First Tee program in Hobart shows its application in Australia can be equally as effective.

PGA grounding good for business

Paul Smith branched out from a PGA traineeship into a vocation that lets him assist his fellow PGA members.

What’s your happy ending?

The other day I’m forwarded something called “Dear Younger Me”.  A slight roll of the eyes. The device hasn’t been popularised so much as pulverised by pro athletes and their ghostwriters to recount career achievements without the risk of sounding self-indulgent because the message is suppositionally for an audience of one.