Mother’s Day is less than a week away – if you haven’t gotten mum something great to celebrate her, there’s still time! It doesn’t matter if she’s been out-driving you on the course for years or just picked up the game recently, the perfect golf gift is a thoughtful way to share your love for the game – and show her how much you care. We’ve rounded up the best gift ideas for every kind of golf mum to make it a little easier to show your appreciation this year.

 ULTIMATE365 Convertible Jacket

A convertible two-in-one golf jacket made in part with recycled materials. Make the most of unpredictable weather in this golf jacket. Detachable sleeves and hood let you adapt to changing conditions. Its convertible design makes it a great travelling companion when you have limited space to pack multiple jackets and a great choice for transitional weather days. RRP: $220

Ultimate365 TWISTKNIT Hoodie 

A performance golf hoodie made in part with recycled and renewable materials. When the round starts cool, this adidas golf hoodie keeps you focused on your swing with an athletic feel and distraction-free mobility that lets you bend, twist and swing in comfort. Casual hoodie style lends it off course versatility.  RRP: $190

Ultimate365 Twistknit Polo Shirt 

A golf polo for competitive play made in part with recycled and renewable materials. Whether you’re playing a full 18 or a short nine, keep the focus on the game in this adidas golf polo. It prioritises performance with a relaxed, athletic feel that plays well on any course. From practice round to tournament day, it’s the golf polo you can always count on. RRP: $90

 Ultimate365 TWISTKNIT Dress

A performance golf dress made in part with recycled and renewable materials. Enjoy distraction-free comfort and timeless style for any course. This adidas golf dress combines clean design with performance for an athletic feel that plays well on any course. Stretchy TWISTKNIT fabric and included shorts give you full mobility to bend, twist and crouch without restriction. RRP: $160

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Sigmund Freud once said, “The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my 30 years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?’”

It’s a question that has plagued golf equipment makers for years as well. Although some companies have made an earnest effort to dissect the swing of the female golfer and design clubs specifically for them, far too often women have had to settle for a lighter version of a men’s model with a different colour scheme (as noted opposite).

Ping’s latest iteration of its G Le model, the G Le3, eschews that mindset. “Our ongoing commitment to engineering lightweight, easy-to-hit, premium clubs for women is rooted in Ping’s long history of supporting women’s golf, dating back to the early 1970s. It started with my grandparents, Karsten and Louise Solheim, and continues today with the Solheim Cup and other game-growing initiatives,” said Ping executive vice-president Stacey Pauwels, who oversees the development of Ping products made exclusively for women.

The set includes driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and putters, and the full-swing clubs reflect the commitment to distance through a different understanding of how women players create swing speed and ball speed and how clubs can be manufactured to better line up with the speeds these golfers create.

The G Le3 driver (SRP: $930) is optimised for swing speeds of 80mph or less. Doing so required lightweight shafts and grips in an effort to boost swing speed as well as a 460cc titanium head with a forged face maximised to get the best results from slower swing speeds.

Fairway woods require not only distance-enhancing properties, but the ability to launch them high as well. This is particularly critical for slower swings that sometimes need a boost in achieving the proper lift. For G Le3 (SRP: $580) that meant creating a stainless-steel club with a maraging steel face wrap to foster face flex while reducing spin. 

For many women, hybrids are a perplexing proposition. Yes, they often are easier to hit than irons, but often not as effective as a high-lofted fairway wood. Ping addressed part of that challenge by making the G Le3 hybrids (SRP: $330) a quarter-of-an-inch longer, making them swing closer to a fairway wood.

The irons and wedges (SRP: $330 each) are designed to work seamlessly with the hybrids, allowing players to mix and match irons and hybrids to find the proper set make-up. Available in 6 through 9-iron with three wedge options (PW, UW, SW), the stainless-steel G Le3 irons feature a low CG and a thin face that positions mass low and to the perimeter, assisting distance, forgiveness and launch – all desirable traits in an iron. 

The four putters (SRP: $450, except for the Ketsch G which is $575) all check in at 33 inches in length and cover the gamut from slight arc to strong arc strokes as well as those with straight back and straight through paths. 

All four putters are built with the new G Le3-specific, pistol-style PP59 grip, distinguished by an updated PU wrap that provides a better feel and premium look.

Speaking of aesthetics, the G Le3 family boasts a colour combination of navy, gold and silver accents, creating a premium look. The G Le3 line of clubs is available for custom fittings and via authorised Ping golf shops. 

Send Mum on the ultimate golf cruise with Villa Vie Residences

Let Mum explore the most beautiful places on earth with her golf clubs via the world’s first continual cruise. Villa Vie’s state-of-the-art “Odyssey” circumnavigates the world every 3.5 years, allowing you break free from the ordinary and live life on your terms, where work, leisure and adventure blend seamlessly.

Experience the world’s wonders and vibrant cultures, making each moment extraordinary. Embrace a continuous adventure with Villa Vie, exploring unseen corners and new experiences with each globe circuit. This isn’t merely a cruise – it’s your portal to discover the ever-evolving beauty and cultural richness of our world.

PLAY SPECTACULAR COURSES: A day in the Villa Vie Residences golf program is not just about improving your golf game; it’s about embracing a lifestyle where passion for the sport meets the adventure of the seas and the warmth of community.

PAY AS YOU GO OR OWN YOUR VILLA AT SEA: That’s right – owning means you get a villa guaranteed for 15 years, while choosing our rental segments lets you enjoy short adventures and comfort without having to commit long-term.

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Callaway Big Bertha REVA

FAR too often in the past, golf clubs designed for women were not so much designed for them at all, but rather were simply a lighter version of a men’s model with a different colour scheme. Referred to as “shrink it and pink it”, it’s not that such clubs won’t work – they often will if fit properly – but Callaway Golf’s latest iteration of its Big Bertha Reva line for women was created through an earnest effort to dissect the swing of the female golfer and design clubs specifically for them.

Kim Johnson is the lead on the Women’s Task Force at Callaway and is passionate about the project. “We have a lot of different opinions based on a lot of consumer insights. We’ve done a ton of research with LPGA players all the way to women who are just starting in the game… This is a more aspirational product. This is the product for women who are ready to upgrade, ready for real technology that is specifically designed for them.”

The Reva driver features an XL face with a large sweet spot that was designed using artificial intelligence and includes a lightweight version of the company’s “Jailbreak” technology. The driver comes in three lofts, 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees, but with a triaxial carbon crown that allows for weight savings to boost the moment of inertia to help mitigate ball speed loss on mis-hits as well as position weight to help promote
a high launch.

The fairway woods feature a large head size, but a shallow face and more loft to help get the ball in the air. The carbon crown, Jailbreak technology and AI-designed faces are all part of the package, as are lightweight shafts. For lofts, the fairways are available in 3, 5, 7 and 9-woods along with a Heavenwood offering – a useful club for those seeking more height with their fairway woods. For those seeking to dial in their fairway woods even more, the 3 and 5-wood have an adjustable hosel.

The hybrids go all the way up to a 9-hybrid and feature a head shape with offset to help fight the slice. A high-strength 455 steel cupface with Jailbreak tech provides plenty of face flex with each loft having a face designed uniquely for that loft through AI Internal tungsten weighting is used to optimise the centre of gravity location for a high launch while assisting stability on mis-hits.

“You’re seeing more hybrids in the women’s game,” Johnson said. “We’re seeing more replacements in the 4, 5, and 6-hybrids, they’re easy to hit, they’re nice to look at and they’re forgiving… I love the adjustability, and that we’re taking it up to a 9-hybrid, it just gives women more options.”

The Big Bertha Reva irons have AI-designed cupfaces to produce higher ball speeds. Staying true to the Big Bertha iron heritage, the clubs boast offset along with wide soles and toplines to inspire confidence and help get the ball in the air. Tungsten is used both externally (up to 11 grams) and internally (up to 35 grams) to further give launch a boost.

An earnest effort indeed.

PRICE & AVAILABILITY: Driver: $899.99; fairway woods: $539.99; hybrids: $499.99; irons: $329.99 each (5-iron through sand wedge).

REVA golf balls

The Callaway REVA Golf Ball is engineered for women who want to improve their distance, ball flight and consistency. To promote easy launch and more forgiveness, Callaway has leveraged an oversized construction that conforms to the Rules of Golf. The oversized core and low spin characteristics are also designed for longer, more accurate shots. Try the REVA if you’re looking to hit better shots that fly on a straighter line. RRP: $44.99

Nike Therma-FIT Repel Ace Women’s Slim Fit Golf Pants

Gear up for any weather with the Nike Therma-FIT Repel Ace Pants – a sustainable choice with at least 75 percent recycled fibres. Embrace warmth in cold conditions with Therma-FIT technology, while the water-repellent finish keeps you dry in light rain. This wet-and-windy essential offers a tailored look with a hook-and-bar closure and zippered fly. Multiple pockets keep your essentials close at hand, making these pants a perfect blend of sustainability, style and functionality for your time on the greens. RRP: $129.95

Nike Repel Women’s Golf Vest

Don’t let a drizzle disrupt your game – gear up with this water-repellent vest designed for golf enthusiasts. Crafted from 100 percent polyester, it ensures you stay dry in cooler, wet weather, allowing you to focus on that perfect swing. Two side drop-in pockets provide convenient storage for scorecards or tees. With a full-length zipper for easy wear and care, this vest is your go-to solution for mastering the greens in unpredictable conditions. Conquer the weather and keep swinging with confidence. RRP: $119.95

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The holiday of a lifetime on board an NCL cruise

Celebrate Mum with a gift she’ll never forget – the holiday of a lifetime on board an NCL cruise. With up to 35%* off all cruises to 400+ destinations worldwide, she’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Unpack once and wake up in a new city nearly every morning with a 10-Day Greek Isles & Italy cruise from Rome (Civitavecchia). Wander the famous streets of Santorini, then come back on board to unwind in Mandara Spa one day. Visit iconic sights in Florence and recount the day’s highlights over dinner at Onda by Scarpetta another day. 

Take in the rich culture and cuisines of Hawai`i on this award-winning 7-Day cruise from Honolulu. Only NCL visits 4 islands in 7 days, departing every Saturday year-round. Explore incredible landscapes from the lush, fragrant vegetation of Kaua`i to the Big Island’s dramatic volcanoes.

Visit picturesque destinations closer to home, from relaxing by the crystal-blue waters of Lombok to snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef on a 14-Day Indonesia & Australia Cruise from Bali (Benoa).

Mum will also get to enjoy NCL’s Free at Sea* package (valued up to US$3,874*), included with her cruise. She’ll get to sip on her favourite cocktails with a Free Beverage Package*, savour delicious global cuisine at up to 23 dining venues with a Free Specialty Dining Package*, explore on shore with Free Shore Excursions Credit* and much more! 

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FJ’s Latest Women’s Range

FJ Women’s ThermoSeries Jacket RRP: $249.95; FJ ThermoSeries Pant RRP: $159.95; FJ Women’s Pro/SLX Golf Shoes; RRP: $289.95; FJ Women’s Beanie RRP: $39.95; FJ HydroLite Rain Jacket RRP: $299.95

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Ever had one of those rounds where it felt like you experienced four seasons in one day (Melbourne, we’re looking at you)?

For such times, a Puma Quarter Zip pullover is a handy addition. It’ll take the edge off the chill when required but a breathable fabric blend of recycled polyester and elastane, with built-in moisture wicking technology, offers a high level of wearable comfort.

And the Puma Women’s Quarter Zip, available in three tri-colour designs, is light enough to take off and store in your bag if, or when, the sunshine does appear.


Protecting yourself from the harmful effects of the sun is a prerequisite when playing golf in the brutal Australian summer. In that regard, Puma YouV women’s golf clothing has, quite literally, got you covered.

The entire collection has a UPF rating of 50+, which prevents UV rays from reaching your skin. With that in mind, layering up with a versatile Puma YouV Mariposa quarter zip pullover appeals as a wise SunSmart selection.

Made from lightweight, stretchy fabric, the Mariposa pullover (available in black, blue and pink) also features moisture-wicking technology that will keep you dry and cool in even the most oppressive summer conditions. 


Hybrid is an overused word. There are hybrid vehicles. Hybrid flooring. Even hybrid caravans, whatever that means. But Ecco W Biom H4 golf shoes are hybrids in the purest sense of the word.

Sleek, athletic and possessing a vigorously youthful appearance, they are shoes designed for exceptional performance on the golf course yet offer equally outstanding performance for wherever your feet lead you.

Crafted from durable leather and equipped with water-proofing protection, Ecco hybrids keep your feet comfortable and dry while offering a high level of support and stability. And with their modern aesthetic, Ecco W Biom H4 kicks offer effortless style, every time.


If you’ve ever wished you could turn the air con on during a stiflingly hot round, then IBKUL women’s golf apparel might be your best hope.

IBKUL’s IceFil fabric is designed to wick away your perspiration, offering immediate cooling relief by lowering your skin temperature by up to five degrees.

The patented fabric blend also offers excellent sun protection (UPF 50+), while its anti-microbial properties will keep your skin feeling fresh and dry. 

And for extra breathability, the IBKUL long-sleeve mock-neck top features a mesh panel on the inner sleeve and underarm that boosts airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable in any athletic pursuit. 

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