Xander Schauffele, ranked fifth in the world, tests his golf shoes with the same vigour as he does his golf clubs. “If I hit a few shots with a club that I don’t like, I toss it out. Same thing with my shoes,” he says. “If I slip once or feel looseness in the heel or lateral motion, it’s done.” If tour pros choose their shoes with such care, perhaps you should, too. The good news? With so many options, you don’t have to sacrifice style or function.

If traction is the most important thing to you 

Maybe it’s your style of swing, or you’re afraid of slipping, or you often play in wet conditions, but if you’re not taking any chances when it comes to traction, these two spiked options are a great place to look. Listed counter-clockwise from top left.

Footjoy Hyperflex
The lacing is placed along the outside of the shoe to create a secure fit and relieve pressure at the top of the foot. 

Adidas zg21
The Adidas tour staff weighed in on the positioning of spikes and traction elements to guarantee plenty of grip in the lightest cleated shoe (369 grams) Adidas has made. 

If you want less weight 

Walkers and their feet know the value of a lightweight shoe. In fact, wearing a shoe that’s just 28 grams lighter means you’re carrying and lifting as much as 255 fewer kilograms over the course of 18 holes.

Puma Ignite fasten8
The mesh upper helps make this shoe lightweight, and the TPU saddle wraps around the foot to add stability. 

New balance Fresh foam pacesl
The lightweight foam midsole has more support towards the arch and more cushion at the outside of the foot. 

Asics Gel course ace
The lightweight midsole has ample cushioning to give these shoes the comfort and support of a running shoe with golf-ready traction.

If you need more cushion

Walking nine, 18 or 36 holes could have you looking for a bit more support. A quality midsole – the section of the shoe between your heel and where the traction elements are – can be the difference between feet that ache after the round and feet that don’t. These two models feature thick, foam midsoles to offer maximum comfort with every step. Listed counter-clockwise from top left.

Skechers Go golf torque pro
The midsole and insole provide thick cushioning without sacrificing responsiveness.

Nike Air max 90 g
The Air Max combines off-course cool with plenty of cushion. The air pocket at the heel provides extra comfort. 

If you prefer waterproof shoes 

Playing in most capital cities or even our tropical regions comes with the unfortunate truth that you will spend more than a few rounds slogging through the rain. However, even if you’re purely a fair-weather golfer, you are still likely to encounter morning dew once in a while. Keep the elements out with these stylish waterproof options.

Ecco Biom h4
A Gore-Tex lining protects against water and wind, but the breathable construction keeps your feet from overheating. 

True linkswear Lux knit
If you think a mesh upper can’t be waterproof, think again. This light-weight upper has been treated to keep water out. 

If your shoes go on and off course

These shoes have traction elements on the outsoles instead of spikes and uppers made to look more like street shoes than the classic leather golf shoes of the past. They can easily transition from the course to wherever your plans have you headed afterwards. Here are two options no one will suspect are golf shoes.

Cuater The wildcard
These minimalist, all-white kicks offer versatility away from the course, but traction elements on the sole keep you steady on it. 

Gfore Knit disruptor
The first knitted golf shoe in the Disruptor line features a cushy insole for extra comfort in a style you can easily wear around town.