Veteran Aussie golfer and 2016 Olympian Scott Hend has announced he will be undergoing a prostate operation next month.

The 48-year-old took to Twitter overnight to reveal he was very fortunate that no cancer had been found, but he shared his personal news in the hope of encouraging other men to take care of their health.

“I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for me at all,” Hend said.

“I just wish more guys would go to the urologist and get their check up. There is no shame in ensuring your comfort and good health. Do it for yourself. Get checked.”

The Queenslander has played 27 European Tour events this year and has experienced intense mental and physical discomfort on course.

“I’ve found it very difficult trying to focus on the course when worrying about bladder bleeds and where the next tree will be to relieve myself on,” he said.

“Never mind the nights of sometimes no sleep due to the sudden urge to pee. I almost dread every time I fly, twice I’ve had to deal with peeing blood and passing blood clots whilst at 38,000 feet (not pleasant to say the least) praying that I won’t block up before I land.

“I’ve withdrawn from events due to this as well.”

Hend reiterated throughout his announcement that by sharing his own story, he wanted to help others.

“I share this in hope it will help guys all around the world realise this isn’t just an old man issue,” he said. 
– Dane Heverin