Earlier this week, our Brian Wacker explored the different ways teams are formed for the Zurich Classic. Some are friends, some are repped by the same agent, and some with, shall we say, lesser status are randomly paired. Then there’s a duo like Bubba Watson and Scottie Scheffler.

They don’t share the same agent and they don’t have the same alma mater. Both are American, of course, but there’s a significant age gap between the two (Watson, 42, is old enough to be the 24-year-old Scheffler’s dad) and it’s not like they’ve ever represented their country on the same team.

So. . . we guess they’re friends. Although, with friends like these, well, just listen to Scheffler’s explanation of how they got paired up following Thursday’s opening round:


Dagger! And right in front of the guy, too!

To Watson’s credit, he handled the playful(?) jab well. He also didn’t deny it. . .

More importantly, though, the two were in great spirits after an opening 64 has them among the early leaders. Sounds like there might be a few golfers out there regretting sending their regrets Bubba’s way.