Every time Scottie Scheffler wins on the PGA Tour, which happens quite often, there’s a narrative that he’s done it in a “boring” manner. Fairways. Greens. Birdies. Rinse, repeat.

His victory press conferences have a similar energy, too. Nothing controversial, nothing all that exciting. He’s just a dude who is insanely good at golf, loves his family, loves his wife, believes in God and stays off social media. In 2024, it does not get more “boring” than that.

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When you get Scheffler to talk about the things he loves, though, he gives you a peak behind the curtain. Look no further than this video of Scheffler walking out onto the 18th green at TPC Sawgrass and reminiscing about his victory here last year. The moment he began talking about seeing his family and his wife Meredith, he turned into a glass case of emotion: 

“I do always remember after we got done and kind of celebrated, you know, I always look for them,” Scheffler says as he starts to get choked up. “I’ve seen the highlight on TV and it looks like I’m going at the crowd like this [with my arms raised], but I’m really just looking at Mere on the hill. And so we’re kind of down in the back and she’s on the hill. And then, yeah, that was it.”

Welp, didn’t think we’d be crying over Scottie Scheffler crying on a damn Wednesday, and yet here we are. It’s amazing how quickly the people you love can make the eyes start to water. 

“Yeah, I always get emotional when I talk about Meredith for some reason,” he added. “I think Mere has such a good understanding of how much work it takes to get to this point. To win a tournament like this. All the work we put in day in, day out, in order to be able to do this. It’s really fun when we’re able to celebrate the good times like winning a tournament and accomplishing your goal.”

They’ve had a chance to celebrate plenty of those good times during his remarkable stretch of golf over the last few years. Given the way he putted last week, nobody would be surprised to see him tearing up and hugging it out with Meredith again this Sunday at Sawgrass. 

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This article was originally published on golfdigest.com