It’s one of the biggest misconceptions in golf: doing things yourself will save you time and money.

This has never been further from the truth than in golf-related travel, where organising an itinerary riddled with domestic and international flights, accommodation, transfers, green fees, food and entertainment becomes more complicated than working out your daily handicap from a Slope rating.

Sadly, according to experts, more people are needlessly taking on this task when they could be at the range working on their game in preparation for a trip of a lifetime.

“There’s such a large amount of golf travel being undertaken but only a small percentage use golf travel agents,” says The Golf Travel Agency’s Abigail Landa. “Our biggest battle in Australia is that most people think it’s going to cost them more than if they book it themselves, when in most cases they can save substantial sums of money and time.”

Landa said people are often underprepared and ill-informed when it comes to DIY travel, including finding the ideal location, working out the best way to get there, organising travel and ground transfers, securing tee-times on the best courses and having the knowledge to know the most appropriate accommodation and best restaurants, bars and other non-golf activities in the area.

“Your only problem should be which of your friends are coming and finding dates that work for everyone. That’s it!” Landa adds.

“The Golf Travel Agency, for example, are self-confessed golf fanatics who love to travel and we’re like a regular travel agency – we book all elements of travel, including flights – except we specialise purely in golf travel.”

Landa said having long-standing relationships and first-hand experience with golf courses, airlines and hotels all around the world allows for a trusted booking experience for customers, whereas DIY travel leaves you “flying blind”.

“From the cost side of things, gaining access to wholesale rates through a trusted golf travel agent will in many cases cost you less than if you booked it yourself,” Landa says.

So there you have it. Why do all the work when somebody else can do it for you? Spend your time and money wisely on another bucket of balls.

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