Ping is pleased to introduce its new Colour Code chart, the latest advancement in the company’s fitting process.

Through decades of fittings and research, Ping has continually evolved the Colour Code Chart with the goal of delivering the most accurate and comprehensive iron fittings in golf. The new chart allows Ping to simplify the AFS system along with improving the chart’s accuracy.

Notably, Ping has removed the purple and yellow codes, moved to 1° lie angle increments, and removed the Length-Lie dependency with its AFS system. This has been done to streamline the offerings and simplify the fitting system.

This video explains the change:

Starting from Monday, July 10, all new iron orders will be on the new Colour Code system
• All irons ordered on the new system will have an ‘A’ prefix in the serial number
• Fill-in/Replacement/Repair clubs built on the old system will be done on the system they were originally ordered on.