The life of a PGA Tour pro can be great and very rewarding—emphasis on the reward part of that if you play well. But the downside is that with so many weeks traveling, you don’t get a lot of time on the homefront. However, that might actually be the only thing that keeps Adam Hadwin from making it to the next season.

Don’t get it twisted. We’re sure the Canadian loves being at home with his wife, toddler and dog. And we’re pretty sure Jessica loves having him around (even if he spends a lot of time talking golf) to help out–especially because he’s pretty handy around the house. But Adam’s DIY projects seem to be getting more intense—and dangerous—as the offseason continues.

One day you’re tinkering under the kitchen sink:

And next thing you know it, you’re high up on a ladder doing ceiling repairs while wearing socks(!):

What’s next?! Putting on a new roof? Barefooted?

“Can’t believe I’m saying this, but it might be time for golf to get going again before this man kills himself doing home repairs. Pulled into the garage to the door wide open and Bob the builder with a sketchy 20 ft ladder set up,” Jessica tweeted. LOL the Bob the Builder jab.

But seriously, she has a point. It’s great Adam wants to do all this stuff—heck, my wife wishes I could do anything useful around the house–but you have to be careful. In any event, after a couple weeks off, the new fall portion of the PGA Tour schedule starts on Thursday. Fingers crossed Adam makes it to the first tee in one piece.

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